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Version 6.4.24 build 18213 of 25th August 2021

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3676] Switch to next/previous page in report editor if mouse backwards/forward buttons are pressed
  • [SB-4434] Simple way to show hardware status info like temperature in Info Dialog
  • [SB-4462] Make version string formatting indentical between in-application display and entry in Windows Control Panel
  • [SB-4534] Increase size of Raw Data Cache in engine
  • [SB-4558] Timestamp list: calculate min and max values at each Diff column
  • [SB-4795] Show ReportTemplateName on single calculation results also copies the name for futher uasage
  • [SB-4807] Show indicator in display that it is still waiting for channels to become valid
  • [SB-4841] Expand card node in trigger dialog after start of SBench6
  • [SB-4874] Do not use "store to cache" in ABA modes
  • [SB-4878] SB6 Plug-In: Add possibility to store plug-in user settings within project file
  • [SB-4892] Auto buffer mode should use block sizes smaller than 32 kB for slow fifo mode acquisition to avoid online display interruption
  • [SB-4896] Link to Youtube playlist instead of first video
  • [SB-4903] Adjust replay length automatically when user assigns channels
  • [SB-4907] Signal concatenation: allow user to define the order of the signals
  • [SB-4911] Support for SPCM_FEAT_DIG16_* for DA cards
  • [SB-4921] Starting function generator with selection on digital inputs creates message for missing channels
  • [SB-86] Export current setting in text/print to report setup for acquisitions
  • [SB-3889] Replay boards: data samplerate conversion


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2575] Wrong behavior for second sync-compound if open of first sync-compound fails
  • [SB-3043] Channel names not painted in screenshot if they don't have valid data
  • [SB-3465] Setup file using currently unavailable card feature causes incorrect mode settings
  • [SB-3678] Default template contains settings for disabled channels
  • [SB-4102] Recording loop with not 2^N MR segment sizes waits endless for data transfer end
  • [SB-4145] Preview display shows not all data
  • [SB-4297] Loop recording and locked harmonic cursor: zooming moves cursor lines to wrong places
  • [SB-4382] "Auto" trigger triggers only once in Standard Multi mode
  • [SB-4679] Loop-replay: time in status-line wrong
  • [SB-4781] Cache full/empty message in ABA mode
  • [SB-4784] Acquisition does not always finish in case of ABA overrun
  • [SB-4785] "Dynamic parameter" calculation shows wrong fundamental level if run on certain ASCII-imports
  • [SB-4798] M4i.7725 allows false external clock settings DDR
  • [SB-4837] Matlab export of average signals (32-bit) to voltage values does not work correctly
  • [SB-4853] Showing "Info" of segmented and non-segmented channel shows entries in wrong rows
  • [SB-4854] Wrong minimum pre-size value at boxcar average on M4i cards
  • [SB-4856] Display of XIO bits from timestamp does not show X4-X19 from M2p digital option
  • [SB-4863] FIFO ABA with multiple synced cards into Pure Binary or WAVE file generates error at start
  • [SB-4865] Timestamp table does not show trigger source if M2p triggered on X line
  • [SB-4867] "nan" in ASCII file header if Custom Unit uses zero as minimum value
  • [SB-4868] M2p.75 trigger dialog allows setting of X0-X3 to trigger source and status output at the same time
  • [SB-4869] Displaying slow ABA data from Pure Binary shows "Block not found" error
  • [SB-4871] Stopping FIFO acquisition of multiple synchronized cards might result in endless loop
  • [SB-4872] Displayed termination value for X-lines of M2p.75 is wrong
  • [SB-4875] Scrolling with arrow keys jumps to unrelated positions
  • [SB-4877] Importing pure binary split acquisition with multiple cards generates "mode setup" error
  • [SB-4880] Singleshot acquisition after using "Channel Input Preview" might generate "cache full/empty" error
  • [SB-4881] "Channel Input Preview" changes file storage location to "cache"
  • [SB-4882] Cannot open project for DN2.663-04 with demo cards
  • [SB-4884] Crash when "Automatically start Channel Input Preview after acquisition finished" is checked and a digital card is used
  • [SB-4885] Number of acquisitions per second goes down after a few hundred acquisitions if autostore is enabled
  • [SB-4888] Three digital channels visible on digitizer in hybridNETBOX
  • [SB-4890] Automatically opening generated report PDF generates error message
  • [SB-4893] Wrong icon in EasyGenerator if window is closed while replay is running
  • [SB-4894] "Cache too small" error when a custom block size of 16MB is used
  • [SB-4895] Start buttons disabled after closing "Internal Settings" dialog without an open display
  • [SB-4898] Signal average with enabled interpolation generates wrong results
  • [SB-4900] Starting EasyGenerator directly after changing the Base Frequency can crash
  • [SB-4902] FFT setup dialog with default size shows scrollbars
  • [SB-4906] Unchecking an entry in "Info" dialog's "setting" mode hides all children, but they are not automatically unchecked
  • [SB-4908] 75xx: clock termination is listed as 50 Ohm instead of 110
  • [SB-4909] 75xx: enabling Continuous Output Marker causes driver error
  • [SB-4910] Reported "File Size" for preview data calculation can be zero
  • [SB-4913] Changing input range of multiple analog channels using the dialog updates only first channel's input range in Channel Input Preview window
  • [SB-4914] SB6 crashes if channels on one card are completely disabled and user changes mode
  • [SB-4915] After Multi Recording acquisition using 75xx the timestamp table does not show any stamps
  • [SB-4917] 77xx: timestamp table shows trigger source circle for EXT1
  • [SB-4918] 75xx: stop level for upper 16 bit not written to driver
  • [SB-4919] Installer: "Start in" directory is wrong if user selects to install Control Center together with SBench6
  • [SB-4920] Possible deadlock if two cards generate underrun error at the same time
  • [SB-4922] Changing analog source width does not update a converted to digital version of it correctly and can cause crash

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