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Version 6.4.22 build 17816 of 11th March 2021

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3961] File Name dialog can be disabled
  • [SB-4790] Custom icon for calculations from plugins
  • [SB-4791] Plugin could contain image to show in JobPlugin setup dialog
  • [SB-4842] Add .csv as filter for ASCII import
  • [SB-4850] Improve error message for calculations
  • [SB-4852] Add possibility for scrollbar to channel export dialog


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3884] Samplerate not adjusted after additional channels have been enabled
  • [SB-4366] Filename not shown in toolbar if always overwrite active
  • [SB-4830] Incorrect min/max settings in mode dialog
  • [SB-4839] Exporting signal with timestamps might produce BLOCKNOTFOUND error
  • [SB-4840] After preview calculation has been aborted and channel removed from and again added to display the preview progress bar is shown
  • [SB-4844] EasyGenerator disabling outputs unexpectedly
  • [SB-4849] Moving slider in display window does not add entry to undo/redo stack
  • [SB-4851] Looping acqusition with FFT amplitude, phase and PSD calculation can generate "out of memory" error

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