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Version 6.4.20 build 17644 of 14th December 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4796] Formula Calcuilation: Rename Result description for better readability
  • [SB-4803] Sine wave example for Function Generator should match default settings better
  • [SB-4808] Remove System sub-group from Device Start Manager
  • [SB-4809] Allow plugin to generate signals in the frequency domain
  • [SB-4812] Add link to web page with SBench6 How-To videos
  • [SB-4815] Dragging the device node with analog output channels should not remove digital channel assignments and vice versa


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2389] Cannot open sync group if other card in between has already been opened
  • [SB-3842] Project zip: menu entry only available after opening a project and not with a fresh or saved project
  • [SB-4200] Starting a replay from a project with imported "Easily generated" signals does crash SBench (32 bit)
  • [SB-4644] "Close project" not shown directly after storing new project
  • [SB-4789] Project name in title shows "unknown" after loading a project at program start by command line parameter
  • [SB-4792] Calculation entries in "New" menu do not show icons
  • [SB-4793] Crash when using single calculation results in formula
  • [SB-4794] Wrong help shown when pressign F1 in Formula dialog
  • [SB-4800] Easy Generator: slow sawtooth with wrong offset calculated
  • [SB-4801] Easy Generator: program crash at slowest signal calculation
  • [SB-4805] Acquisition is stopped after a few samples if ABA without timestamps is stored to Pure Binary or Wave file
  • [SB-4811] crash deleting calculation while it is in progress
  • [SB-4813] After storing project with M4i.77xx and Multiple Recording the digital channels are not displayed
  • [SB-4814] Selecting "Add copy of source to project" crashes using ASCII files with only digital channels
  • [SB-4817] Export of timestamps to ASCII ignores high double word
  • [SB-4819] Reproducible crash in the FFT (FFT on Ch0) with an M4i.4481 and 512MS memory.
  • [SB-4821] "Save project as template" and "Zip project" are not shown after a project has been saved
  • [SB-4822] SB6 crashes if the filter type is changed in the FIR filter while the "order-value" is too small

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