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Version 6.4.19 build 17487 of 22nd October 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-1005] Allow mathematical calculation also on single result values from the info screen
  • [SB-3861] ASCII import frequency domain signals in Volt scale
  • [SB-4181] Allow order of channels in analog/FFT/Histogram/XY display to be changed to control order of painting


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2252] Failure on Y axis in FFT ASCII export
  • [SB-3483] Digital bits from analog card are not replayed in defined order
  • [SB-3596] ASCII import with too big values not correctly handled
  • [SB-3860] ASCII Import of frequency domain signals: samplerate can not be changed
  • [SB-4115] M4i.77xx: pre-trigger size for segmented modes is 8kS, independent of active channels
  • [SB-4503] ASCII import does not work for more than 16 channels
  • [SB-4504] Time position of FIR filtered signal does not match position of original if taken from split file
  • [SB-4771] Cycling though the stoplevels with the mousewheel allows to set a weird level
  • [SB-4774] Sample numbers for cursor-based calculations on channel from split file are wrong
  • [SB-4775] function generator: rand() returns same sequence for multiple calculations
  • [SB-4776] Function generator calculation not restored from project
  • [SB-4777] Starting DA card twice might disable all channels in EasyGenerator window
  • [SB-4778] Crash when using harmonics cursors with cursor B
  • [SB-4779] FineClock for 22xx is always enabled
  • [SB-4780] After switching to FIFO Multi the setup fields for ABA visible while the message box "enable timestamps?" is visible
  • [SB-4782] Exporting slow ABA data to ASCII seems to add fast data too
  • [SB-4786] Timestamp position is wrong in ABA mode on M2p.5916

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