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Version 6.4.15 build 16890 of 19th March 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4661] Read out software license flag for plugin interface
  • [SB-2581] Timestamp also shown at standard mode acquisition
  • [SB-4594] Avoid completely losing files when removing imported channels
  • [SB-4603] Remove zoom limitation
  • [SB-4666] Spread Display: increase offset-limit
  • [SB-4667] Spread Display: add "show full X signal" from analog display
  • [SB-4669] Spread display setup: set division size in custom units
  • [SB-4671] Show "Disabled" instead of "0 s" for Timestamp RefClk timeout
  • [SB-4676] Do not show "BaseXIO" with M4i cards and higher


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4138] Problem using Standard Single mode with activated timestamp mode
  • [SB-4638] Using the channel enable checkbox in the Easy Generator on a 65er generator card causes SB6 to crash.
  • [SB-4649] Changing to fifo mode does not automatically change file to "temporary on disk"
  • [SB-4659] crash when deleting calculation
  • [SB-4663] Missing parameter for proposed cpio commands
  • [SB-4664] Invalid file handle after complete big data transfer from standard-recording data
  • [SB-4672] Timestamp dialog: HTML help describes only requirements for RefClk of M2i/M3i
  • [SB-4673] Displayed RAW value of timestamps is wrong if TSRefClk is used
  • [SB-4674] Waiting for first TS reference clock edge does not work on first acquisition
  • [SB-4675] Every second Fifo acquisition aborts immediately

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