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Version 6.4.13 build 16800 of 30th January 2020

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4623] New plugin interface for own calculations
  • [SB-4624] New input channel preview windows (Barchart display)
  • [SB-1982] Filter dialog shows frequency response as preview
  • [SB-2326] Changing custom unit ratio always reverts the custom unit itself to Volt (default)
  • [SB-4239] Change default button in "Internal Settings" dialog from "Default" to "OK"
  • [SB-4557] Timestamp list: add length (time and sample) for gate-blocks
  • [SB-4601] Respect limited number of digital inputs in Netbox with Dig-BNC Option
  • [SB-4629] Implement extended selection mode in channel selection dialog for calculations


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-1339] Language switch works only partially
  • [SB-3105] After first recording with activated timestamps, the start-buttons stays grey
  • [SB-3458] Crash when starting loop acquisition while calculations are still in progress
  • [SB-3708] Full-Fit Zoom buttons do not show negative full-scale values
  • [SB-4593] Crash after deleting a digital bus if one of the bus' channels has been deleted before
  • [SB-4598] Disabling one card out of three causes Multi pre trigger combobox to use wrong values
  • [SB-4599] Dragging a channel name from a display and dropping it in the same display removes channel from display
  • [SB-4600] M2p.5968 with DigFX2 option crashes at start
  • [SB-4602] Last scale not drawn if more than 4 channels with custom units are in display
  • [SB-4604] M2p-dig16: engine error after enabling all trigger outputs by double clicking column header
  • [SB-4607] Digital to analog conversion crashes
  • [SB-4608] Channels are misaligned after A2D conversion
  • [SB-4610] "Processing data update" flickers when zoom cursor is active
  • [SB-4611] Digital to analog conversion generates weird results if calc is started on bus and user picks bits in calculation dialog
  • [SB-4612] Length info in export dialog not updated if dialog is started without channels
  • [SB-4613] Setup dialogs for FFT, FIR, FuncGen are too large for screen resolution of 1024x768
  • [SB-4614] Changing width of display in report template editor changes size and position
  • [SB-4616] Tooltip for digital channels of M2p with Dig16-Option is wrong
  • [SB-4617] Disabling half the digital inputs does not work with mouse wheel, only with context menu
  • [SB-4618] Cannot access elements from Signal Info calculation in formula
  • [SB-4619] FuncGen calculation that uses cursor values is not updated if those cursors are moved
  • [SB-4628] Elapsed time in status bar wraps around after 24 hours
  • [SB-4630] Program crash at mixing in/out direction of two snyced 70xx boards
  • [SB-4633] Channel Preview with demo card: strange values: "nan"
  • [SB-4636] Crash during looped acquisition after loading a setup with files and autostore
  • [SB-4640] SBench6 hangs during looped acquisition with synced M4i

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