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Version 6.4.12 build 16632 of 22nd November 2019

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4055] Add "Show report template name" entries for calculated channels
  • [SB-4137] Do not allow signal average calculation on GATE signals
  • [SB-4236] Dock display window to left/right side of display area if dragged by mouse
  • [SB-4543] Support for SPCM_FEAT_DIG16_*
  • [SB-4573] Generating signals with very low frequencies with the Easy Generator
  • [SB-4585] Also disable To/From/Length labels in export dialog when "Complete signal" is selected
  • [SB-4587] Increase size of Internal Settings dialog
  • [SB-4590] Special card icon for cards in Netbox


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2815] Programm crash at formula generator.
  • [SB-3752] Error in processing Job: Invalid waveform (0x11000019) FFT @ M2i.4961
  • [SB-3918] Error calculating FFT of an overdriven signal
  • [SB-4547] Using a non-existing directory for calculation sets CalcSignalDirectory
  • [SB-4574] No waveform displayed for channels from .sb5 file
  • [SB-4575] Calculation on EasyGenerator channels not updated if channel is recalculated
  • [SB-4576] Reducing number of harmonics crashes SBench6
  • [SB-4577] Histogram display does not respect cursor line width setting
  • [SB-4578] Screenshot of spread display does not add line breaks to channel names
  • [SB-4579] Reference copies not loaded by project if channel got renamed before
  • [SB-4592] Availability of "Cursor" calculation area takes displays into account that are not valid as cursor source
  • [SB-4595] "Cache full" error at card start after loading setup with lots of large calculations
  • [SB-4596] Offset value using Mousewheel not correctly saturated at 0% and hence creating driver error
  • [SB-4597] Marker rectangle visible after maximizing display window by double click

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