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Version 6.4.11 build 16497 of 15th October 2019

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4544] Allow 400 MS/s and dividions of it with synced 445x
  • [SB-4550] FFT-PSD calculation in dBm
  • [SB-4555] Timestamp list: don't fold after each (FiFo) recording
  • [SB-4566] Access to SPC_DIGITALBWFILTER via internal settings dialog
  • [SB-4569] Use SPC_PLL_ISLOCKED to check PLL status during run


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-1678] Single Shot recordings updates of "Info dialog" flicker and move scrollbar
  • [SB-1980] Child window order and size behavior after main window resizing unified
  • [SB-2226] Cannot enable trigger output if source is selected as input on 7xxx
  • [SB-3378] Zooming far into digital bus does not paint signal anymore
  • [SB-3683] Digital calculation top-node has no context menu and changes on "Calculation" top-node affects only analog nodes
  • [SB-3856] Deleting a FFT may lead to infinite loop
  • [SB-4031] Prg crash at project open with changed hardware
  • [SB-4309] synced cards: Trigger source column not displayed after start although enabled
  • [SB-4530] Changing samplerate changes output samples to minimum when these are defined in time not samples
  • [SB-4536] Using an analog 32bit signal for replay causes file conversion error
  • [SB-4537] Trigger sources not shown in trigger dialog after device name was renamed to custom name
  • [SB-4538] Crash clicking right mouse button on trigger setup dialog
  • [SB-4539] Signal Generation: Crash setting Memsize in FIFO mode to very large values
  • [SB-4542] Wrong maximum number of segments in Standard Average and FIFO Average modes
  • [SB-4545] Crash if directory for calculated signal does not exist
  • [SB-4548] Possible to change input range with mouse wheel when SB6 is streaming in FIFO mode
  • [SB-4549] Crash when deleting PSD calculation
  • [SB-4551] Cycle measurement with only a 1 lsb signal doesn't work
  • [SB-4556] FiFo-Gate recording: "Number of Gates" value has no impact and is limited to 100
  • [SB-4559] Trigger with pulswidth: list-input field switch from sample to time at input activation
  • [SB-4561] Wrong tooltip text for trigger checkbox "window for inner/outer signals"
  • [SB-4562] Using function generator calculation to reduce resolution of a signal creates wrong results
  • [SB-4563] Channel header in ASCII file might not show enough digits for custom unit
  • [SB-4564] Crash after deleting calculation while running in a loop
  • [SB-4570] Spelling errors in description of sync-related engine errors
  • [SB-4572] Trigger settings matrix: mouse-scrolling not everywhere possible

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