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Version 6.4.10 build 16189 of 11th July 2019

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4334] Support for 65xx series added
  • [SB-4406] Avoid absolute paths in project file after importing a file into a project, for calculated data, Logfile locations and others
  • [SB-4473] Spread-Display: linebreak between ch-name and scale for smaller border
  • [SB-4502] Correct for gate-end alignment when determing gate length to acount for additional samples of SPCM cards
  • [SB-4505] Start as viewer: show an analog display as default one
  • [SB-4507] Improve error handling to cope with ERR_TEMPERATURE
  • [SB-4508] Create shortcuts in start menu and on desktop without version information
  • [SB-4511] Show position for Min and Max of Frequency calculation
  • [SB-4512] Zoom to interval from calculation result
  • [SB-4513] Change cursor when hovering over x and y scales to indicate that visible area can be changed
  • [SB-4516] Show calculation icons in context menu of file channel
  • [SB-4518] Make user settings dialog a few pixels higher to avoid Y-scrollbar in DisplaySettings/Common tab
  • [SB-4520] Show file's license in channel info dialog
  • [SB-4521] Paint markers for locked cursors in cursor colors
  • [SB-4531] Adding tooltip: time for one divison


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2821] Big data and deep zoomed in, moving rectangle in preview area destroyes zoom-level.
  • [SB-3966] Active termination on ExtClk 0 input creates engine error when switching to ExtClk 1
  • [SB-4004] Synchronize-display and analog data from one middle split file: conversion as digital data produce wrong time phase
  • [SB-4166] Aborting calculation setup dialog started by "Duplicate calculation" creates calculation result
  • [SB-4218] Wrong position of trigger-lines at screen-shot dialog and picture when history mode is enabled
  • [SB-4227] Loading setup with acquired digital channel that is converted to analog freezes SBench
  • [SB-4490] Card order was wrong when a two-card Netbox and a now turned-off one-card Netbox had been discovered
  • [SB-4493] Field for trigger pulse width in sample mode is too small
  • [SB-4497] Importing ASCII file with header and comma as column divider and comma as decimal separator creates wrongly named channels
  • [SB-4506] Wrong card might be used for timestamp setup if two sync groups are in system
  • [SB-4509] Fine clock not available if starhub routing is faulty
  • [SB-4515] Context menu in channel dialog allows import of all file types in Base license
  • [SB-4523] Default path for calculated files is outside project directory
  • [SB-4525] Analog to digital conversion does not store changed color of bus and signals, and changed name of bit signals
  • [SB-4526] A deleted calculation reappears after re-loading the project
  • [SB-4529] Switching paths in "Setup AI channels" dialog duplicates list of IR
  • [SB-4532] Mixing cards with different number of channels creates wrongly named channels and display errors
  • [SB-3816] FiFo recording: change x-achsis span at recording not possible

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