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Version 6.4.07 build 15146 of 21st November 2018

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3609] Program start without a card (for file analyses only)
  • [SB-4201] Allow Clock Spinbox (and others) to enter both decimal delimiters: the international '.' and german ',' to be used when typing in a value.
  • [SB-4283] Rise time/fall time calculation should work without a complete cycle
  • [SB-4319] Replace "Term" checkbox in clock dialog with combobox that shows the termination values
  • [SB-4325] Add progress bar to sb6convert tool
  • [SB-4329] sb6convert: show remaining time
  • [SB-4337] New XIO output mode static high or low level
  • [SB-4355] Individually adjustable clock frequencies for master and slave card in sync mode at M2p performs confusion with intuitive operation.
  • [SB-4357] Increase height of device row in clock dialog to fit "M2p"
  • [SB-4365] Also activate accelleration of spinboxes for Loop parameter
  • [SB-4367] Do not show project navigator window again after acquisition if user closed it manually
  • [SB-4368] Show some more information if loading project failed due to card or feature mismatch
  • [SB-4369] Show full path also for default project
  • [SB-4370] Show additional information, that project storage location also is data storage location


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-4245] "Dim background channels" option in analog display is disabled again at every recording start
  • [SB-4259] Spread available space in individual setup table evenly between columns
  • [SB-4306] Wrong analog display painting (x-achsis) at sync with different samplerates or different memory settings
  • [SB-4308] Changing trigger mode in dialog table to a re-arm mode can create not allowed level combination
  • [SB-4312] Crash when enabling BaseXIO timestamp acquisition
  • [SB-4321] 8bit mode checkbox only visible while acquisition loop is running
  • [SB-4328] Converting a file with multiple cards and different lengths per card crashes sb6convert
  • [SB-4331] Crash in FIFO Single replay mode
  • [SB-4332] Wrap around does not always work
  • [SB-4333] FFT + phase + PSD with 2MS crashes
  • [SB-4335] Calculating preview data on split files can crash SBench6
  • [SB-4336] "Invalid file handle" after stopping FIFO replay
  • [SB-4338] M4i Multi Purpose X2 line not available in trigger dialog
  • [SB-4340] Loop Parameter for Multiple Replay not properly loaded from setup
  • [SB-4342] Preview data calculation may use up all available RAM and crash
  • [SB-4343] Pressing red X (abort) does not abort the read-out of remaining data
  • [SB-4345] Crash in preview display if segment size is larger than available number of samples
  • [SB-4349] Disabling differential output mode in EasyGenerator does not change all channels
  • [SB-4350] Enabling differential output in Output Channels dialog does not disable the odd numbered channels
  • [SB-4351] Matlab export for digital cards (M4i.77xx) does not work correctly
  • [SB-4353] Moving only one side of the preview rectangle moves complete view in display
  • [SB-4354] Report template names of cursors are off by one line
  • [SB-4356] Card does not trigger if X1-X3 are used as trigger input
  • [SB-4358] Position of vertical line of Y axis depends on zoomlevel and visible area
  • [SB-4359] Segmented Multi/ABA spinboxes allow sum of pre+post to be larger than segmentsize
  • [SB-4360] Stopping a FIFO acquisition waits forever until aborted with red X
  • [SB-4361] Loop Parameter for Fifo Multi Record not properly loaded from setup
  • [SB-4362] Possible crash in "Cycle Fall Time" calculation

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