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Version 6.4.05 build 15044 of 6th August 2018

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-4242] sb6convert tool: add parameters for timestamps to Matlab export
  • [SB-4249] Unfold all choices of the mode list box upon click to show all modes at once and avoid scrollbar
  • [SB-4266] New engine setting to switch off preview data calculation in standard mode
  • [SB-4271] M2p: missing card context menu to enable identification LED toggling
  • [SB-4287] Do not show "Not enough timestamps" message


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2431] Display update rate in streaming mode slow when using digitizerNETBOX
  • [SB-4235] Mode for wrong trigger input set when using X1 as trigger input
  • [SB-4238] Import dialog with dropped file blocks Explorer
  • [SB-4240] SB6convert: Tool crashes if not all format parameters are set
  • [SB-4244] Wrong loops value written to driver for "continuous" FIFO average
  • [SB-4246] Any export with active timestamps not working properly and/or locking up
  • [SB-4248] Different pages in mode dialog (different modes) incorrectly share some values when being switched
  • [SB-4262] 8bit mode checkbox was falsly available on all cards and not only 44xx cards
  • [SB-4267] Changing preview calculation settings in User Settings dialog only changes defaults for new projects
  • [SB-4270] Pure binary file with splitting hangs at first split
  • [SB-4279] Digital display does not show data under linux

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