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Version 6.4.00 build 13853 of 22ndh August 2017

New version 6.4

Version 6.4 saw some mayor internal software structure changes. The development moved to a newer compiler version and is now using the latest Qt GUI library. Therefore some slight changes in the look and feel of the GUI may appear.

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-1703] Change output mode dialogue according to new input mode dialogue
  • [SB-1873] Scope Display: Different Y- Axis in one display can be scaled independently
  • [SB-3709] Default value in Mode dialog for "Loop" field using "Std. Continuous Replay" should be "Cont." and not 1
  • [SB-3927] Remove dependency on spcm driver library from sb6convert
  • [SB-3936] Add human-friedly display of channel length to channel info dialog
  • [SB-3955] Somehow connect Timestamp Table Dialog with trigger source info checkbox in Timestamp Setup Dialog
  • [SB-3972] Info dialog combines multiple SI pre-fixes
  • [SB-3986] Special streaming file format added that supports using synchrnoized cards with differing channel amount settings
  • [SB-4003] Screenshot: order of signale names identical to painted signals
  • [SB-4007] Support of streaming monitor mode (FIFO Single with additional slow A data)
  • [SB-4014] Show generation date/time in SBench6 engine log
  • [SB-4034] Re-create internal file state when importing pure binary file from sync acquisition
  • [SB-4043] Deleting FFT channel should not cause a repaint in digital displays
  • [SB-4052] Decrease border size of default templates
  • [SB-4054] Show template name that will be used by "Generate Quick Report" action
  • [SB-4057] Mark X0 as TS RefClk input in trigger dialog if timestamp RefClk is used
  • [SB-4060] Add date and time of acquisition with TS RefClk to binary header file
  • [SB-4069] Show exact sample number when cursor is locked
  • [SB-4082] Also show original values in channel info dialog
  • [SB-4085] Switch to store to file if split file is selected


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2547] Wrong error text at sync with unlocked PLL.
  • [SB-2821] Big data and deep zoomed in, moving rectangle in preview area destroyes zoom-level
  • [SB-2849] Replay boards: data size of more than 32 MB from smaller file hangs
  • [SB-3502] Selected channel not drawn on top
  • [SB-3677] Default template can create too small text areas
  • [SB-3815] Program crash at FiFO mode: increase "memsize" value
  • [SB-3823] Changing memsize in FIFO mode causes crash on M4i.2234 with one channel enabled
  • [SB-3841] Overrun error instead of "Disk full"
  • [SB-3911] Deletion of FFT reference copy not stored in project file
  • [SB-3917] Calculations on reference channels are not restored on project reload
  • [SB-3919] Possible to create Zoom Area Bookmark without name
  • [SB-3953] Loops can be >1 for M4i.66 in STD_REP_MULTI mode
  • [SB-3954] "Currently set file format" icon not directly displayed after SBench start
  • [SB-3973] Second instance uses same default file name in FIFO mode
  • [SB-3974] Hotkey for Rectangle Zoom enables unavailable zoom mode in Spread Display
  • [SB-3976] Memsize widget in REC_FIFO_SINGLE mode shows "Continuous" in samples view and "12.8 ns" in time view
  • [SB-3983] Cannot click on text to toggle option in some cases in Save Settings dialog
  • [SB-3985] "Start Spectrum Control Center" from welcome dialog failed
  • [SB-3991] Program crash at 22xx recording start with VS2015
  • [SB-3994] Changing "Count" value of software averaging function crashes Sbench6 when closing dialog
  • [SB-3996] Crash when replaying imported data with M4i.66xx
  • [SB-3997] Missing fields in Output Mode dialog when loading project with multiple recording
  • [SB-3998] Toggeling between Samples/time resets "Std Single Replay" Memsize to 32 samples in output mode dialog
  • [SB-4005] EasyGenerator crashes with certain setups
  • [SB-4006] Crash in FFT if data write fails
  • [SB-4009] program crash: recording start with PSD FFT and erased FFT signals
  • [SB-4012] Changing ABA divider does not mark project as changed
  • [SB-4015] Y scale is wrong if stream is started a second time after zooming
  • [SB-4016] Distorted X axis during second stream
  • [SB-4017] Moving average does not calculate correct signal length if "Current View" or "Between Cursors" are used as base
  • [SB-4024] Wrong FFT phase values calculated?
  • [SB-4025] Wrong cursor unit at FFT phase signal (V instead °).
  • [SB-4026] Clock table entry for slave cards not filled at startup
  • [SB-4027] Singleshot and Loop entries in Hardware menu not disabled if started without card
  • [SB-4028] Inconsistent behaviour when subwindows are closed
  • [SB-4035] Maximum SR wrong on MI.7011
  • [SB-4036] Crash at transfer-end with NETBOX and huge MR-segments and enabled TS
  • [SB-4037] Wrong position of trigger-lines at MR with trigger-delay.
  • [SB-4038] Window title not translated directly after language change
  • [SB-4040] Segment lines do not move when scrollbar is moved
  • [SB-4041] Storing ABA acquisition on SB6 close loses data
  • [SB-4044] Storing project with synchronized displays causes crash
  • [SB-4045] 22xx synced: recording start generate error
  • [SB-4046] Dividing line between channels in X-Y display channel list not shown
  • [SB-4050] Names of digital channels from A2D conversion are not correctly resolved added to default report template
  • [SB-4051] 77x0 threshold setting missing from reports
  • [SB-4064] "Continuous" FIFO replay mode is shown as zero seconds in time mode
  • [SB-4068] State of "Split file" setup widgets is wrong after loading project
  • [SB-4070] Files from "split" acquisition all appear in Project Navigator
  • [SB-4072] Info dialog shows old values for "tracking" cursor B
  • [SB-4073] Difference between two cursors locked on phase signal is not zero
  • [SB-4074] Channels and painted signal in digital display do not match directly after start
  • [SB-4075] Text for Trigger Level is blocked by scrollbar
  • [SB-4079] Possible endless loop when reading timestamps
  • [SB-4083] Locked cursors ignore spread mode

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