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Version 6.3.05 build 13450 of 26th April 2017

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3904] Add support for new boxcar average mode for M4i.44xx cards and digitizerNETBOXes
  • [SB-3188] Display properties should be used as "Item" default inside Template Editor
  • [SB-3770] Zoom only selected axis in synchronized displays
  • [SB-3811] FIR filters correction for insertion loss
  • [SB-3878] Add "Do not show again" checkbox for warning at internal settings
  • [SB-3922] Disable Remove button in channel export dialog when no channel is selected
  • [SB-3923] Disable "Precision" entry in ASCII export if signed int or hex is selected
  • [SB-3925] Add precision option for ASCII export to SB6Convert
  • [SB-3926] Add export options for MATLAB export to SB6Convert
  • [SB-3935] Add always used software type (32bit or 64bit) at all locations where version and build information is shown
  • [SB-3938] Last column of channel dialog gets uglily re-sized whilst trigger dialog looks nice.
  • [SB-3942] Show file size in MB, GB, TB depending on file size when asking for preview data calculation
  • [SB-3944] Add export type to dialog-title
  • [SB-3960] Streaming: also show acquisition time
  • [SB-3963] Gray out calculation category itself as well if none of its calculations is available for selected source


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2637] Input offset setting in context menu limited to +/-100%
  • [SB-3508] Wrong painting of 8 bit calculation at full-fit (zoom in is ok)
  • [SB-3622] Open demo sync compounds mismatch
  • [SB-3700] Input Offset can not be set if maximum offset is 0% (and minimum offset is -100%)
  • [SB-3855] HTML documentation missing for ASCII import window
  • [SB-3864] SB6 crashes when user opens channel setup dialog while card is waiting for trigger
  • [SB-3896] ASCII and WAVE Imports do not have online help files
  • [SB-3902] Record times values in mode dialog do not respect selected external clock frequency
  • [SB-3913] project file name is cut-off at first dot in name
  • [SB-3920] Display comments do not respect comment line width
  • [SB-3924] Table in clock dialog not translated after language change
  • [SB-3928] Importing ASCII file with empty column at end causes crash
  • [SB-3929] Some parts of context menu not translated after language change
  • [SB-3930] Title of preview window not immediately updated at disconnecting/reconnecting synced display
  • [SB-3934] SBench help does not work with 64bit installations
  • [SB-3943] Moving x scrollbar of analog display does not mark project changed
  • [SB-3945] Wrong painting in "step + Points" mode at last sample.
  • [SB-3947] Program crash at opening attached project.
  • [SB-3949] ASCII export does not write file for TS if path contains more than one dot
  • [SB-3951] Text for SB6_ERR_NOSUPPORT does not contain M4x cards or Netboxes
  • [SB-3967] Lvl0 and Lvl1 editable for PXI lines in trigger dialog
  • [SB-3968] Doubleklick on X0/X1 Threshold value clears field from default 1500 mV to 0 mV and prevents further changes
  • [SB-3969] Threshold value for trigger input not stored in setup file
  • [SB-3970] Quite a low claimed termination value for X0/X1

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