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Version 6.3.03 build 13123 of 19th January 2017

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3176] Allow higher sine frequencies in easy generator
  • [SB-3833] Show "Recent imports" also in context menu in channel dialog
  • [SB-3850] Add "invert" button to channels in Easy Generator
  • [SB-3851] Add button to copy channel settings to other channels in Easy Generator
  • [SB-3863] Add data update note within displays
  • [SB-3868] Easygenerator: Possibility to add additional samples for rising/falling edges of rectangle signal to avoid signal overshoot


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-3838] "Hide Y scale" button hides only text but not the whole scale area
  • [SB-3840] Wrong path displayed (but not used) in project file name setting
  • [SB-3845] Help documentation: function-generator: wrong rect explanation
  • [SB-3857] 64bit SB6 does not load spectrum64.dll
  • [SB-3859] Change view-rectangle in preview-window with big data: display grid updates already with old data
  • [SB-3862] Project Location is not correct in Project Settings dialog
  • [SB-3867] File import of same file causes crash
  • [SB-3870] Export entries in Input Channel dialog do not have icons

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