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Version 6.3.02 build 13063 of 12th December 2016

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-3493] Installer for 64 Bit Windows SBench 6 added
  • [SB-3825] Zipped project file unzip dialog has project name as preselection
  • [SB-3828] Open a project selects matching product if there's more than one installed
  • [SB-3830] Do not show "Jump to position in display" when there's no display available
  • [SB-3832] Scroll Y axis in display while slider in scrollbar is moved
  • [SB-3843] copy of calculated signal
  • [SB-3847] Add tooltips also for "Setup AO channel" dialog


Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-2618] A and B samples (ABA mode) with identical X and Y position do not have same display position
  • [SB-3567] Wrong position of A-data (sub-sample difference).
  • [SB-3629] FFT calculation with overdriven signal produce warning, but start buttons stays greyed
  • [SB-3689] Crash at changing signal source of FFT calculation.
  • [SB-3745] Calculation of FFT amplitude and phase: amplitude not working after phase was deleted
  • [SB-3776] Opening project with MC card shows card mismatch message
  • [SB-3826] Export with Current View is just ignored if not selecting a display window: no error message
  • [SB-3827] Preview display is not matching real display
  • [SB-3829] Error Message + Crash if changing project data file while acquisition is waiting for trigger event
  • [SB-3837] Displaying imported FFT signal from ASCII file creates X scale without values
  • [SB-3848] Removing output channel data assignment via drag&drop for a single channel not possible

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