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Tested Motherboards | Spectrum

This list of motherboards has been tested by Spectrum or Spectrum partners and is know to work fine with the Spectrum cards. As there are hundreds of motherboards on the market and each month several new ones are released this list will only show a very small exception of the market. So far there have been no general problems with any brand on motherboards.

General motherboard recommendations

When selecting a motherboard for your system with Spectrum instrumentation cards please check the following topics with the motherboard manual:

  • Is there enough space behind the slot connector? Please note that the Spectrum cards of M2i and M3i series require full length. Some motherboards have straight SATA connectors, cooling plates or even memory modules placed directly behind the slot connectors
  • Are all PCI Express slots available by default or is there some limitaion in the BIOS. It may for example be that if the graphics adapter requires x16 connection another PCI Express slot is disabled
  • Is the graphics adapter blocking an adjacent slot due to the cooling?

List of positive tested motherboards

If you have positively tested a motherboard with Spectrum cards in it, please just send us a short message and we will add your result here.

Brand Type PCIe x8 PCIe x4 PCIe x1 PCI-X PCI Remarks
Gigabyte H77-D3H 2 (3.3 GB/s)   3   2 SATA ports 2 to 5 may block a PCIe slot
Gigabyte GA-x79-UP4 4   2   1  
Asus H97-Plus 2   2   2  
Asus P8P67 EVO 2   2   2  
Asus P8Z77VLK 2   2   2  
Asus Prime B360-Plus 2 (3.3 GB/s)   2   2  
Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 4       1 AMD CPU
Asus Z87-Plus 3   4      
Asus Z8PE-D12X 4   (1) 2   PCIe1 slot limited to Audio
Asus Z97-A 2+1 (3.0 GB/s)   2   2 One slot PCIe x2 in x16 connector
Asus Z170-A 3 3     1  
Supermicro X10SRL 7         Up to 3,4 GB/s
Supermicro X9SRL 7         Up to 3.4 GB/s
Supermicro X8DAH 7         1 slot blocked by memory module
Supermicro X9SCM 4         uATX
Supermicro X8SAX 3     2 (200 MB/s) 1 PCI-X shared
Supermicro X8DAE 4     3 (245 MB/S)   PCI-X shared
Supermicro X9DRX 11 (3.2 GB/s)         2+2 slots blocked by CPU/RAM
Supermicro X10DRX 10 (3.2 GB/s) 1       4 slots only half length (M2p series)
Fujitsu D3402-B 2 (3.3 GB/s)   2      
Fujitsu D3598-B 3 2 2     All sots Gen3
Trenton BPX6806 4 (1.5 GB/s) 12       Backplate/Slot CPU, Gen1
MSI X399 SLI Plus 4   2     All slots Gen3