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Standards & Memberships | Spectrum

Spectrum is member of many different organizations that define, maintain and promote high-performance instrumentation standards.


Spectrum is a signed member of the PCI Special Interest Group. This gives Spectrum early access on detailed specifications and additional information. As a member of the PCI SIG, Spectrum has its own Vendor ID allowing an automatic installation of the drivers for our measurement cards.

PXI Systems Alliance

Founded in 1998, the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA) is an industry consortium that promotes and maintains the PXI Standard. The PXISA is an organization chartered to promote the PXI standard, to ensure interoperability and to maintain the PXI specification. The PXISA is comprised of industry leading companies manufacturing, selling, and integrating PXI-based hardware and software solutions.

LXI Consortium

LXI LogoThe LXI Consortium is a not-for-profit corporation. Its primary purpose is to promote the development and adoption of the LXI Standard, an open, accessible standard identifying specifications and solutions relating to the functional test, measurement and data acquisition industry.
The Consortium is open to all test and measurement companies, and participation by industry/university professionals, systems integrators, and government representatives is also highly encouraged. Membership is divided into five levels: Strategic, Participating, Advisory, Informational and University.

IVI Foundation

IVI FoundationThe IVI Foundation is an open consortium founded to promote specifications for programming test instruments that simplify interchangeability, provide better performance, and reduce the cost of program development and maintenance.