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SBench 6 Version 6.2.10 build 10338 27th February 2015 | Spectrum

New Features/Improvements

  • [SB-2749] M4i.44xx: support of new digital input feature that allows to run 2 analog channels and 3 digitial channels
  • [SB-2079] Resolution enhancement when using U(t) averaging
  • [SB-2396] Hide clock output checkbox for netbox slave cards
  • [SB-2694] ASCII Import improvements
  • [SB-2704] Possible crash if more than 100000 split files are created
  • [SB-2706] Show posttrigger and trigger delay in channel info dialog
  • [SB-2710] Left-click in preview display should check if zoom levels changed before updating main display
  • [SB-2717] Disable odd channel trigger sources if differential mode is used
  • [SB-2725] Use Zoom "Show Full Signal" instead of default "Show Full Area" when adding channels to Histogram display
  • [SB-2734] Do not allow the same display name twice
  • [SB-2744] Keyboard up/down could also check for min/max range of focused field and not stop/update acquisition above/below its limits
  • [SB-2747] Do not show comments during scolling and resizing of displays
  • [SB-2756] Fully expand sync groups in start dialog as default
  • [SB-2762] Show absolute value for frequency representation of cursor span

Fixed Bugs

  • [SB-326] Keyboard focus is wrong in Start dialog under linux
  • [SB-2120] Parameters for imported signals not stored in setup file
  • [SB-2122] Disabling digital output channels that contain imported data deadlocks Sbench
  • [SB-2141] Releasing right-mouse button after moving second cursor invokes "set visible area" dialog
  • [SB-2545] Recording loop and removing analog-to-digital conversion function crashes SBench
  • [SB-2550] Setup for trigger delay available if single card uses star-hub
  • [SB-2553] No loop recording with attached setup possible, only single shoots.
  • [SB-2574] Crash closing SBench while a certain clock frequency is set
  • [SB-2680] Digital display gets update only every second acquisition and might complety hang SBench
  • [SB-2684] Loading setup with FFTs for disabled channels creates invalid data, that freezes the display thread and prohibits further recordings
  • [SB-2715] Program crash at loading DirectDriverAccess file.
  • [SB-2716] Separator missing in digital channel's context menu
  • [SB-2720] Race condition when displaying data and calculating preview from ASCII file
  • [SB-2724] Moving Average dialog incorrectly allows settings of an even number window width
  • [SB-2729] Invoking set visible area dialog for x-axis and clicking OK with no changes changes area
  • [SB-2731] Clicking "disabled" Or/And checkboxes in trigger dialog with "single hardware source" selected sets more than one channel
  • [SB-2737] Changing Memsize directly after setup load resets pre-trigger (segment) to second smallest value
  • [SB-2739] Moving comment anchor to the position of another comment anchor deletes previous comment
  • [SB-2741] Import of partial FFT signal destroys X axis
  • [SB-2742] Change of comment text shifts comment position in some cases
  • [SB-2743] X-axis not updated when moving scroll bar
  • [SB-2745] Short recording lengths show significant gaps in preview display
  • [SB-2746] Scrolling analog display shows even out of visual range channel comments in some cases
  • [SB-2750] Error message "no error" if starting syned cards with non-star-hub card disabled
  • [SB-2755] Enabling digital channels of synchronized M4i cards crashes with next start of recording.
  • [SB-2758] Custom units for analog channels not correctly written for synced cards
  • [SB-2763] 60xx: Start buttons greyed out after setup load
  • [SB-2764] Maximum segment pretrigger is wrong for output cards