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Programming 64 bit applications with Visual Studio | Spectrum

This page is valid for all products based on SPCM platform driver.   Read More

All Spectrum examples for Visual Studio C++ contain both 32 bit and 64 bit application settings. The examples are found on the CD delivered with the product in the examples/c_cpp folder and can also be downloaded from the homepage in a complete examples package: download examples

Visual Studio 64 Bit SetupDeveloping 64 bit programs is simply done by a few steps:

  • Open the project file (*.vcproj) of the Spectrum example you like to start with
  • Change the platform of the solution configuration to x64 as shown in the screenshot (click to expand)
    If you don't see this selection in your toolbar you can also find it in the Configuration Manager in the "build" menu
  • Change the example according to your needs
  • Compile the program
  • Execute the program