Spectrum is also able to offer completely configured systems. Boards are installed in matched hardware and the systems are tested and optimized. As a result, incompatibility between single components is impossible. Sufficient cooling and power for the cards is guaranteed. Once the software is installed - the system is ready to run.

Streaming Systems

Streaming PC SystemSpectrum offers fully configured streaming systems for its range of PCIe card solutions. These systems can be used to continuously acquire or replay data with a sustained streaming speed up to 3 GByte/s depending on the configuration.

The system is tailored to the customers need and offers a wide variety of streaming configurations to fulfill any combination of 1 to 256 channels and sampling speed between 100 kS/s and 5 GS/s.

The streaming systems can be long time analog and digital acquisition systems, record and replay system for RF and come with complete software support.   Streaming Systems

Portable Systems

Portable systems can house from 1 to 5 Spectrum cards, allowing you to build an individual solution or a complete multi-channel transient recorder. An appropriate low noise power supply and a matched cooling solution is set-up by the Spectrum engineers to ensure the high-performance Spectrum cards deliver the best possible results. More Information and Examples

Standard PC/19" Systems

PC solutions can vary from small 1U server racks and desktop PCs up to 19" 6U systems which can house 16+ Spectrum cards. Different application demands lead to customized solutions. Getting a factory configured system, that matches the Spectrum instrument cards, allows you to concentrate on your application and not waste time with the system setup. More Information and Examples

PXI/CompactPCI Systems

PXI or CompactPCI systems are available to provide solutions from very small table top sizes up to large 19" systems which can hold 20+ Spectrum PXI or CompactPCI modules. As the CompactPCI and PXI standards are well specified there is minimal problem combining products from different vendors. An individual Spectrum solution can assist with the setup of special PXI features and the appropriate software installation. More Information and Examples

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