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New digitizers for mechatronics and acoustical applications

Among our 130 different digitizers, we offer 11 new digitizers specially intended for sensors converting a mechanical property to electrical signals in the DC to 2 MHz frequency range. These digitizers are available as PCIe cards (2 to 8 channels) or as stand-alone LXI/Ethernet units (4 to 48 channels) for mobile and rack use.

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Arbitrary Waveform Generators with 24V output swings

We offer 55 different AWGs, the latest 10 of them provide output signals with ±12 V on up to 8 channels. These 16-bit AWGs are available as PCIe cards (1, 2 or 4 channels) or mobile LXI/Ethernet units (4 or 8 channels) with up to 40 MS/s or up to 125 MS/s speed.

List of High-Voltage-Output AWGs

Digitizers and AWGs with additional 20 digital lines for Mixed-Mode tests

Our 16-bit digitizers and AWGs offer up to 8 analog channels on one single card plus 4 multi-purpose digital lines. With our new piggy-back module, the number of digital I/O lines is extended to 20 per card. As combined tests with analog and digital sources become more important, this is the tool for you!

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5 years warranty as standard

For over 30 years, all Spectrum products have been "Made in Germany". We offer an industry-leading 5 years warranty… for your peace of mind!

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