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Digitizers and AWGs from Spectrum | Fusion Research | Spectrum

130 different digitizers available

Currently, Spectrum is offering 130 different digitizers: They are available as PCIe and PXIe cards or as stand-alone NETBOXES with fully remote control via LXI/Ethernet. With speeds from 5 MS/s to 5 GS/s and 1 to 48 channels per product, you will find your perfect fit solution. Try our "Parameter Search"!

With the help of our "Star-Hub" module, up to 16 PCIe-cards can be synchronized to create systems with up to 128 channels, like for the FLF fusion reactor you see below.

Overview of 130 digitizersTry our Parameter Search

Spectrum digitizers help to create the first fusion reactor

Two Spectrum 128-channel digitizer systems are helping the British company FLF to turn a fusion reactor into reality in only 4 years, using a revolutionary new concept to achieve fusion.

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Spectrum solves cost problem for multi-channel AWGs

With up to 8 AWG-channels on a single PCIe-card or up to 16 AWG-channels in a mobile LXI/Ethernet-Box, the price-per-channel for signal generators has drastically reduced!

These 16 bit AWGs of the "65"-series are available from 40 to 125 MS/s, with 1 to 8 channels for the PCIe-card (8 variants) and  4 to 16 channels for the generatorNETBOX (6 variants).

80 AWG-channels in a single PC are even possible, using Spectrum's Star-Hub module to fully synchronize up to 10 cards.

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