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High-Speed 5 GS/s Ethernet/LXI Digitzer and Applications

The new 5 GS/s Ethernet/LXI digitizerNETBOX is available with two, four or eight channels and different sampling rate options ranging from 5 GS/s to 1.25 GS/s. Fully LXI compliant, the digitizerNETBOX products allow remote control and data transfer over fast GBit Ethernet. Connect them directly to a Notebook or PC, or in fact to anywhere on a company LAN, and automated data acquisition becomes easy. Read more

Fast Digitizers on the Electronica Exhibition

Spectrum displays on electronica exhibition 2014 in Munich a wide range of fast Digitizers and Arbitrary Waveform Generators. For the first time the new M4i.22xx series is shown - a PCIe Digitizer with 8 bit resolution and up to 5 GS/s sampling rate. Visit us in booth 521 in hall A1 from 11th to 14th November 2014. Read more

5 GS/s PCIe Digitizer

The new 5 GS/s PCIe digitizer is available with one, two or four channels and different sampling rate options ranging from 5 GS/s to 1.25 GS/s. The fast PCIe x8 Gen2 bus interface allows continuous streaming data capture with more than 3 GByte/s to PC memory or on hard disk. Read more

digitizerNETBOX - connect and collect

The digitizerNETBOX is a remote solution that is connected by Ethernet suiting the LXI standard. The digitizerNETBOX can be used as benchtop instrument directly connected to a laptop or desktop PC or as 19" instrument connected to the company LAN and accessible from anywhere. Read more