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For applications where fast electronic signals in the GHz range need to be remotely acquired and analyzed Spectrum has extended its popular digitizerNETBOX series of LXI based instruments and released eight new models.
Spectrum US Sales Office
The new US office provides local sales and technical support and is equipped with demonstration equipment so that customers can test the instruments with their signals. The office is located at 6 Barbara Drive, 10990 Warwick, NY.
25 Years high-speed high-resultion instrumentation
25 years ago, the company Spectrum started out as a two-person company that developed custom-built solutions and, in 1991, introduced an ISA board as first part of its own product line. Today, the team is composed of 18 staff members.
Real Time PCIe Data Logger Application
CPU based embedded systems now play an increasing part in the monitoring and control of the mechanical and electrical components in many areas of our technological environment.
For the first time Spectrum is offering a solution to engineers and scientists looking to capture and analyze fast electronic signals in the DC to 1 GHz frequency range.