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MICX drivers Version 4.07 build 8303 of 28th November 2013 | Spectrum

New Features

  • [MICXDRV-90] Add register to read out frequency of clock output
  • [MICXDRV-88] Change debug registry entries from HKLM to HKCU and change default log path to user directory


  • [MICXDRV-83] MX49 with 64 bit DLL: crash at SR < 3 MS removed
  • [MICXDRV-86] MC/MX49xx : Reading of SPC_50OHM register gives driver error
  • [MICXDRV-87] Missing PCI.248/258 datasheet and manual at CD added
  • [MICXDRV-89] MX.70: pattern trigger position corrected.