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M3i Base Main Control | Spectrum

Version 1.14 of 19th July 2012

  • Bug-Fix: Timestamp refclock overrun changed from error to wrap arround

Version 1.13 of 10th February 2012

  • Bug-Fix: Timestamp counted wrong if combining StartReset mode with external reference clock and no reference clock is present at the start

Version 1.12 of 8th February 2012   

  • Bug-Fix: on Star-Hub control. Synchronized cards may stop on certain sampling frequencies.

Version 1.11 of 17th january 2012   

  • Added new timestamp mode with two 10 bit increment counter in combination with BaseXIO

Version 1.10 of 13th December 2011   

  • New Feature: number of acquired trigger events can be read out for Multiple Recording. This allows to flush the memory with a defined number of force triggers to get all recorded meultiple recoridng segments.
  • Some custom development

Version 1.09 of 29th September 2010   

  • Bug-Fix: trigger AND conjunction not working properly    
  • Bug-Fix: very seldom additional trigger delay of a few samples

Version 1.08 of 9th September 2010    

  • Bug-Fix: change V7 caused problems on sync systems

Version 1.07 of 6th September 2010    

  • Bug-Fix: Possibly wrong samples at first acquisition after reset + software trigger

Version 1.06 of 11th March 2010    

  • Bug-Fix: ABA Modus delay of "A" data depends on pretrigger settings

Version 1.05 of 16th February 2010    

  • ABA mode: slow "A" data timestamp generated    
  • Bug-Fix: mixed values in ABA mode    
  • New multi purpose trigger output modes

Version 1.04 of 25th November 2009    

  • Data timing enhanced    
  • Bug-Fix: Multiple Recording and Forctrigger: only first force trigger recognized    
  • Bug-Fix: Multiple Recording + fast loop: sometimes deadlock in firmware    
  • Preparation for Averaging mode

Version 1.03 of 12th August 2009    

  • Support of new hardware V 1.1    
  • Bug-Fix: ABA mode    
  • Bug-Fix: FIFO mode using software trigger has fixed samples    
  • Bug-Fix: slow sampling rates now synchronizing correctly    
  • Bug-Fix: trigger mode bugs

Version 1.02 of 4th Mai 2009    

  • First version delivered to customers