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M2p SMB 8xSE 4xDiff | Spectrum

Analog Channels (8 x SMB)

Each single-ended analog channel has one SMB male connector. Two single-ended channels can be used as one differential channel. For each single-ended channel one adapter cable with SMB female connector is needed. For each differential channel two adapter cables are needed. One needs in total 8 SMB adapter cable to connect all analog inputs.

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Trigger and Clock Iinput (2 x SMB)

The trigger input and clock inut each have one SMB male connector. An adapter cable each with SMB female connector is needed.

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Multi Purse Signals (4 x MMCX)

There are 4 auxiliary connections with different programmable functions using MMCX female connectors. Adapter cables with MMCX male connectors are needed for the connection. To connect all signal in toal 4 adapter cables are needed.

Auxiliary connections are:

  • Multi Purpose X0 Output (see below)/Clock Output
  • Multi Purpose X1 I/O (see below)
  • Multi Purpose X2 I/O (see below)
  • Multi Purpose X3 I/O (see below)
    X0, X1, X2 and X3 can be software programmed to different functions: trigger output, TS reference clock inpout, arm signal, ready signal, asynchrnous digital I/O and some more ...

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