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M2p SMB 2x2SE | Spectrum

M2p 4 channel front plate

Analog Channels (4 x SMB)

Each single-ended analog channel has four SMB male connectors. For each one adapter cable with SMB female connector is needed. One needs in total four SMB adapter cable to connect all analog inputs.

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Trigger and Clock Iinput (2 x SMB)

The trigger input and clock inut each have one SMB male connector. An adapter cable each with SMB female connector is needed.

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Multi Purse Signals (4 x MMCX)

There are 4 auxiliary connections with different programmable functions using MMCX female connectors. Adapter cables with MMCX male connectors are needed for the connection. To connect all signal in toal 4 adapter cables are needed.

Auxiliary connections are:

  • Multi Purpose X0 Output (see below)/Clock Output
  • Multi Purpose X1 I/O (see below)
  • Multi Purpose X2 I/O (see below)
  • Multi Purpose X3 I/O (see below)
    X0, X1, X2 and X3 can be software programmed to different functions: trigger output, TS reference clock inpout, arm signal, ready signal, asynchrnous digital I/O and some more ...

All matching adapter cables