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Everyone needs cables to interconnect the measurements equipment between Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG), Amplifiers, Sensors and Device under Test (DUT).

The option turns the digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX in a powerful PC that allows to run own programs on a small and remote data acquisition system. The digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX is enhanced by more memory, a powerful CPU, a freely accessible internal SSD and a remote software development access method. The digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX can either run connected to LAN or it can run totally independent, storing data to the internal SSD. The original digitizerNETBOX/generatorNETBOX remote instrument functionality is still 100% available. Running the embedded server option it is possible to pre-calculate results based on the acquired data, store acquisitions locally and to transfer just the required data or results parts in a client-server based software structure. A different example for the digitizerNETBOX embedded server is surveillance/logger application which can run totally independent for days and send notification emails only over LAN or offloads stored data as soon as it’s connected again.

This list of motherboards has been tested by Spectrum or Spectrum partners and is know to work fine with the Spectrum cards. As there are hundreds of motherboards on the market and each month several new ones are released this list will only show a very small exception of the market.

This list of PXIe system components has been tested by Spectrum or Spectrum customers and is know to work fine with the Spectrum cards.