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DN2 - 2 SMA | Spectrum

Analog Channels (2 x SMA)

Each analog channel has one SMA female connections. An adapter cable with SMA male connector is needed. One needs 2 SMA adapter cables to connect all analog inputs.

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Trigger, Clock and Aux (7 x BNC)

The trigger, clock and auxiliary signals are available as SMA female connectors. An adapter cable each with SMA male connector is needed.

The following connections are available. Please choose an appropriate number of adapter cables to connect the signals that are needed:

  • Clock Input
  • Clock Output
  • Trigger 0 Input
  • Trigger 1 Input
  • Multi Purpose X0/Trigger Output, Timestamp Reference Clock Input
  • Multi Purpose X1/Trigger Output
  • Multi Purpose X2/Trigger Output

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Power Line

As default the digitizerNETBOX is delivered with a power cord for Central European Standard Connector. As an option different other power line cords are available:

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The digitizerNETBOX is connected to the LAN using a standard RJ45 connector or an industrial Ethernet connector. Ethernet cables are not included in the delivery content but can be ordered separately.

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