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digitizerNETBOX - Ethernet/LXI 16 bit digitizer solution
The digitizerNETBOX is a remote solution that is connected by Ethernet suiting the LXI standard. The digitizerNETBOX can be used as benchtop instrument directly connected to a laptop or desktop PC or as 19" instrument connected to the company LAN and accessible from anywhere.

The digitizerNETBOX is the first model of an all-new product line "easy instruments" from Spectrum. These products are aimed at both industrial users, as well as users of research and development, where the focus is to create a high-precision multi-channel measurement system. The digitizerNETBOX comes complete with software and, when connected to a PC or company network, provides a total measurement solution.

The digitizerNETBOX is available with four-, eight or sixteen-channels of fully synchronous data acquisition. Each channel has its own 16-bit digitizer, with sampling rates from 200 kS/s up to 60 MS/s and its own pre-amplifier. Each amplifier can be individually configured to allow the selection of eight different input ranges (from ±50 mV up to ±10 V), 50 Ohm or 1 MOhm input impedance and AC or DC coupling. Data is stored in an internal 1 GB (512 MSamples) memory and can be readout via Ethernet for processing and analysis. The analog inputs offer a variety of settings: each input can be referenced to ground (single-ended) or can be operated in differential mode (true differential). All inputs are equipped with BNC connectors eliminating the need for special cabling or adapters.

In addition, the digitizerNETBOX offers various recording modes and an extremely comprehensive trigger engine. For example, the two external trigger sources, as well as each input channel, can all be used to produce a valid trigger. Users can select from edge, level, window, spike or pulse width trigger modes. Each individual trigger input can be combined with others to create conditional pattern triggers with standard AND/OR logic. Supported recording modes include single shot (Transient Recording), streaming (FIFO), segmented (Multiple Recording), gated (Gated Sampling) or the combination of segmented and slow chart recorder operation (ABA mode).

To control and access the data collected by the digitizerNETBOX simply connect it via GBit Ethernet to a host computer (e.g. laptop or workstation) or anywhere on the corporate network. The platform is fully LXI compliant (following Core 2011 Specifications) and offers an IVI compatible interface for the IVI Scope and Digitizer classes. The units “connect and collect” simplicity makes it the perfect solution for remote applications. For inclusion in an industrial 19” standard rack a rack-mount option is available. In addition, for mobile operation, the digitizerNETBOX can be ordered with a DC power supply and controlled with a laptop or 12V industrial PC.

Author: Spectrum Instrumentation