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PCI Express Cards

PCIe CardsPCI Express (PCIe) is the standard platform for all current PC based systems and also for the future. The PCI Express bus is a point to point connection allowing full speed for every single slot making it well suitable for multi card systems and later expansions.   Read more

PCI Express Cards between 10 MS/s and 50 MS/s


PCI/PCI-X CardsThe PCI bus in the form that is used today was first introduced in 1995. The last years it has been the most common platform for PC based instrumentation boards. Nowadays PCI based systems are more and more superseded by PCI Express based systems.   Read more

PCI/PCI-X Cards between 10 MS/s and 50 MS/s

PXI/CompactPCI 3U

PXI/cPCI 3U CardsBased on the CompactPCI 3U standard the PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) enhancement was defined especially for the measurement user. In this specification additional lines for measure ment purposes are defined.   Read more

PXI 3U Cards between 10 MS/s and 50 MS/s

CompactPCI 6U

compactPCI (cPCI) 6U CardsCompactPCI combines the advantages of the PCI bus with the needs of the industrial user. CompactPCI uses well known and stable 19“ technology and offers robust systems for industrial needs. The defined cooling power and the robust connector extend the life of the product.   Read more

CompactPCI 6U Cards between 10 MS/s and 50 MS/s