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Case Studies | Spectrum

digitizerNETBOX for high magnetic fields

The International MegaGauss Science Laboratory  is part of the Institute Solid State Physics (ISSP) at the University of Tokyo. As part of a major push to optimize the magnetic fields generated by the laboratories MegaGauss machine it is important to synchronize the trigger events that fire banks of large capacitors. ISSP required a fully synchronous 10 channel digitizer system that delivers a single shot sampling rate in excess of 1 gigasamples per second (GS/s).   Read More

AWG for Quantum Research

Precision is always important in research and there can be few research areas needing greater precision than that of quantum research. The Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Innsbruck, Austria needed an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to generate a wide variety of signals for their research.   Read More

REMPI Mass Spectroscopy

In Mass Spectrometry the ion source plays a key role in determining the type of sample that can be analyzed by a particular spectrometer. One technique that offers great potential for the pharmaceutical industry is resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization (REMPI). REMPI is a laser-based gas phase spectroscopy combined with ab initio calculations generating precise structural information on molecules such as neurotransmitters.   Read More

Real-time high-speed logger for embedded systems

CPU based embedded systems now play an increasing part in the monitoring and control of the mechanical and electrical components in many areas of our technological environment. This article shows the realization of a verification tool to help reduce the cost of measuring, optimizing and verifying the timing performance of critical real-time embedded systems within the avionics and automotive industries.    Read More

OCT application for skin cancer diagnosis

The VivoSight® OCT scanner uses the technique of swept-source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) for cross-sectional imaging of skin. This is a significant new tool to assist in diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers and other skin conditions. The Spectrum M2i.4022-exp card with 4 channels 20 MS/s has been installed in a standard desktop PC, combined with laser interferometer, detector and associated power supply. All modules are placed on a trolley with a TFT screen fixed at the top allowing the operator to easily see the scanned images during patient examinations.   Read More

Automotive Data Recorder

The request was for a complete solution for portable recording of dynamic mixed mode (analog and digital channels) data during test drive. The data should be replayed and analyzed later in Research and Development laboratory. A full working system including operation software was needed.    Read More