Spectrum offers a wide range of high quality plug-in cards with different functions, different speed grades and multiple channels which cover a huge number of application areas. Spectrum cards lead in high resolution with high sampling rate and they are optimized to deliver best signal quality. All products up to 200 MS/s are available with full 16 bit resolution.  This provides significantly more sensitivity and dynamic range than you can achieve with common 12 or 14 bit products

  • Digitizer, A/D cards, Transient Recorders from 100 kS/s up to 5 GS/s more
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators from 20 MS/s up to 1.25 GS/s more
  • Pattern Generators and Digital I/O Cards from 10 MS/s up to 125 MS/s more

The boards are available on different platforms:

PCI Express (PCIe)

This platform offer the widest range of productsThe PCI Express platform is the best choice for the future. It’s found in all modern PC’s and offers significantly faster data throughput. There's a wide choice of systems that can be used as basis for the Spectrum PCIe cards ranging from low-cost consumer PCs to high-end servers systems with multiple CPU support.  more

PXI Express (PXIe)

These cards are intended for industrial chassis with proven 19" rack mount technology. Reliable connectors, a defined cooling air stream and heavy and durable mounting plates are the main benefits of these platforms. Using 3U cards one is able to build-up small and neat systems. more


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