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M4x.6622-x4 PXIe AWG
Spectrum’s M4x series of PXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs) offer a cost effective solution for automated testing applications that require fast and accurate electronic signal generation.
Article AWG Modes
One of the great powers of Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG’s) is that they can generate an almost infinite number of waveform shapes. The AWG’s operating mode controls the timing of how these waveforms are output.
Spectrum has expanded its popular LXI-based digitizerNETBOX series by releasing eight new DN6.49x instruments offering from 24 to 48 fully synchronized channels.
Sw Block Average
The block, or segmented memory, averaging mode is used with Digitizers for different applications where incoherent noise needs to be removed from a signal.
Spectrum Instrumentation’s release of a new line of arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) based on the LXI instrumentation standard opens new doors for engineers and scientists who need to generate electronic signals in automated test and remote applications.