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Automotive Applications
Automotive crash test safety ratings are still considered the top end of safety requirements in the consumer automotive market. However, interesting to note is the number of areas and systems being monitored and evaluated within a vehicle in the past few years has changed dramatically.
Multi-channel high-frequency signal acquisition and analysis has become much easier with the release of the DN6.22x series of LXI digitizers from Spectrum GmbH.
In Mass Spectrometry the ion source plays a key role in determining the type of sample that can be analyzed by a particular spectrometer. One technique that offers great potential for the pharmaceutical industry is resonance-enhanced multi-photon ionization (REMPI)
24 channel digitizerNETBOX
Spectrum GmbH has released a range of high-speed 14 and 16 bit LXI-based digitizer products for applications where multiple electronic signals need to be acquired and analyzed. Twelve new instruments with up to 24 fully synchronized channels extend Spectrum's digitizerNETBOX family.
A new product video explaining the PXI Express M4x.44xx-x4 series of 14 bit 500 MS/s digitizer has been uploaded. The family is available with two and four channels and up to 500 MS/s sampling rate at 14 bit resolution or up to 250 MS/s at 16 bit resolution.