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24 channel digitizerNETBOX
Advanced electronic systems are increasingly turning to parallel design architecture to increase their overall performance in applications such as MIMO, radar, quantum computing and multi-lane serial bus testing.
Nasa Tech Brief Cover
The May 2017 issue of NASA Tech Briefs introduces Spectrum's digitizerNETBOX DN6.44x as its Product of the Month. Each month NASA Tech Briefs shows engineering solutions for design & manufacturing.
Boxcar Average Result
The Boxcar averaging function smooths out high frequency noise to give a clear signal.
SBench 6 Screenshot
MATLAB is an often used mathematical tool especially for handling RF signals. With its powerful filters and tools MATLAB can be the base for research new signal forms acquired by Spectrums versatile Digitizers. Spectrum provides a full set of MATLAB drivers for both Windows and Linux version.
5 GS/s digitizer with ±40 mV
Spectrum GmbH has announced an option (M4i.22xx-ir40m) for its highly successful, high-speed 22xx series of digitizer products that increases their sensitivity and therefore absolute resolution for low amplitude signals in the ±40 mV up to ±0.5 V range.