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Spectrum Instrumentation celebrates its 30th anniversary | Spectrum

Several interviews and articles will be issued
Spectrum Instrumentation, a specialist PC based technology company, has built a global enterprise since it was first founded 30 years ago in December 1989. The company uses a versatile modular design approach to create a wide range of digitizer and generator products as PC-cards (PCIe and PXIe) and stand-alone Ethernet (LXI) instruments. In 30 years, they have gained customers all around the world, including many A-brand industry-leaders and practically all prestigious universities.
Oliver Rovini and Gisela Hassler

Celebrating the 30th anniversary, several articles and interviews will be issued. As Gisela Hassler is the MD for 30 years and Oliver Rovini, as chief engineer, introduced the modular concept in the year 2000, it will be interesting for many readers to learn more about their experiences in the business ... most of these magazines have digital issues on their website:

Interview with Gisela Hassler and Oliver Rovini

MICROWAVE JOURNAL (USA), December-issue 2019:
30 years article in the FABS & LABS category

INDUSTRY UPDATE (UK), December-issue 2019:
30 years history article

ELEKTRONIK INDUSTRIE (Germany), November-issue 2019
Interview (5 pages) with Oliver Rovini about Spectrum's technology
developments in 30 years

ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS (Germany), December-issue 2019
Cover of the magazine + lead story "30 Years History" + Interview with Gisela Hassler

MARKT & TECHNIK (Germany), February-issue 2020
Interview with Gisela Hassler about business developments in 30 years