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Spectrum Instrumentation: new name and extended warranty | Spectrum

Spectrum Instrumentation announces industry-leading, five-year warranty for its products
In July 2017 Spectrum started an expansion program with changing the company name to Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH, increasing the standard warranty from two years to an industry-leading five years and starts actively promoting its core differentiator.

Spectrum Instrumentation, the pioneer of perfect fit solutions, has announced that it has extended its product warranty from two years to an industry-leading five years. 

“This is significantly better than any of our competition and reflects the extremely high level of quality that we build into our products that enables us to provide a 5 years warranty,” explained Gisela Hassler, Spectrum Instrumentation’s CEO.   “We know with confidence that there will be very few calls on our 5 year warranty from doing a detailed check of our repair logs of out-of-warranty repairs for customers over the past decade.  The oldest product that we repaired this year was made by us fourteen years ago – we build them to last!  This is important for customers especially our OEMs who rely on our products and build them into high-end machines with long lifetimes, such as industrial or medical applications.  Also our products are often a critical component in long term research projects -- now all customers can have peace of mind as our products that are shipped from July 1, 2017 are warranty-covered for five years.”

This announcement forms a key part of the company’s expansion programme along with renaming from Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH to Spectrum Instrumentation GmbH.  This gives a uniform brand name of Spectrum Instrumentation around the world that is also mirrored in the web address.  “Not having a single global identity was hindering us in building an efficient marketing strategy,” added Gisela Hassler.   “Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH has become a well known and trusted name over the past 25 years in German speaking countries but was hard to say in others.  This resulted in us just being called Spectrum, which we could not build a brand on.  This was particularly apparent in America, which is why we chose the name Spectrum Instrumentation Corp. for our American subsidiary when we formed it in 2015.  In a sense, we have trialled this new name there and it proved very popular.  Spectrum Instrumentation is simple and easy to understand in most languages around the world and, importantly, clearly reflects what the company does.  Strong branding will also help us increase our global network of distributors.”

Now that the company has a clear global brand, it will be actively promoting its core differentiator.  It is unique in the instrumentation industry in having a modular design for its products.  “By having mother-boards with a variety of daughter-boards, we can assemble solutions that exactly meet the requirements of each customer and tick every box on their specification list – other companies typically have only a dozen or so standard products so that there is almost always lots of compromises.   Our approach means that we effectively have over 500 products so we can provide perfect fit solutions every time,” explained Gisela Hassler. 

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