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SBench 6 connects to MATLAB | Spectrum

MATLAB export filter enhanced for better usability
MATLAB is an often used mathematical tool especially for handling RF signals. With its powerful filters and tools MATLAB can be the base for research new signal forms acquired by Spectrums versatile Digitizers. Spectrum provides a full set of MATLAB drivers for both Windows and Linux version. The driver SDK is based on the m-language and doesn't need any additional toolbox. Using Spectrums own powerful data acquisition software SBench 6 Professional gives an easier approach for users who don't want to start programming.

SBench 6 controls the complete hardware and allows direct export into MATLAB and other file formats. The newest version 6.3.5 now comes with an extended MATLAB export filter with increased features. Acquired data can now also be stored as voltage values with the raw data acquired by the digitizer being re-calculated using the input range and offset settings. Furthermore the x-scale of time data can be exported as option to allow direct access to the data time and voltage levels in MATLAB. The raw data export is still available.

The export filter also allows to select the area to export, either full signal, the current viewed and zoomed data, the area between cursors or a manually selected sample range.

The new version is available as update free of charge to all existing customers with a SBench 6 Professional license. The update is available for download directly from the Spectrum homepage.

The SBench 6 MATLAB export filter supports all Spectrum digitizers ranging from 100 kS/s 16 bit to 5 GS/s 8 bit.

Author: Spectrum Instrumentation