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DigitizerNETBOX makes NASA Tech Briefs product of the month | Spectrum

DigitizerNETBOX makes NASA Tech Briefs product of the month
The May 2017 issue of NASA Tech Briefs introduces Spectrum's digitizerNETBOX DN6.44x as its Product of the Month. Each month NASA Tech Briefs shows engineering solutions for design & manufacturing.

The digitizerNETBOX DN6.44x is an Ethernet-based high-resolution, high-speed digitizer series following the LXI specification. Up to 20 different versions are available offering synchronous sampling rates of up to 250 MS/s at 16 bit resolution 500 MS/s at 14 bit resolution. The DN6.44x series, being the big brother of the mobile DN2.44x series, is available with a channel density of between 12 and 24 channels per instrument. Each channel is equipped with 512 MSamples of memory allowing an acquisition length of more than 1 second at full sampling speed. In addition, the channels have individually programmable input amplifiers, with a bandwidth at the Nyquist limit, programmable coupling and termination and a full scale range between ±200 mV and ±10 V.

The LXI instruments can be accessed using Spectrum's own software SBench 6 which is included in the package or using a wide number of programming languages including C++, C#, Python up to LabVIEW or MATLAB. Based on the LXI standard IVI drivers for the IVI Scope and IVI Digitizer class are also included.

The high channel count of these devices makes them perfect for applications that are in need of synchronous multi-channel high speed sampling, such as those found in telecommunications or quantum computing.

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More information on the digitizerNETBOX series is found on the dedicated product page DN6.44x-xx.

Author: Spectrum Instrumentation