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Applications - Introduction | Spectrum

One of the great benefits of modular instrumentation is how it allows you to keep pace with the ever changing developments in PC technology. Unlike most stand-alone products, modular instruments let you connect to the latest hardware, accessing today’s fastest bus speeds, microprocessors and graphical tools. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose your own software. You can use custom specific programs, tap into extensive third party analysis products and access an extensive array of shareware utilities.

Connecting a Spectrum PC product, be it PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, PXI, LXI or CompactPCI, can transform a standard PC to a universal powerful instrument; an instrument that can be customized to match your exact application. You can start with a single card and quickly verify proof-of concept before expanding your system as required. Spectrum provides all the software tools you may need to link in to programs like MATLAB, LabVIEW or Excel. You can have complete customization and write your own control programs or take a turn-key approach and simply run our powerful SBench 6 utility. Spectrum also provides the hardware functionality to let you best match your requirements. Products are available with 1, 2, 4, 8 and even 16 channels. Need more? Use our Star-Hub system to connect cards together and build systems with hundreds of synchronous channels!

When it comes to data acquisition Spectrum offers the widest range and choice. With sampling rates from as low as 100 kS/s to as high as 5 GS/s you can capture signals from the Hz to GHz range. Models offer resolution from 8 to 16 bits and are optimized for dynamic performance to ensure the best possible accuracy and precision. Acquired signals can be stored in large on-board memories, processed using the latest FPGA technology or transferred to external storage devices using a variety of versatile readout modes.

Spectrum lets you choose the product format that best suits your needs. For example, you can select products from our PCIe family when you need the fastest data transfer speeds, or the LXI family when you require remote access or networking capabilities. PXI and CompactPCI modules are available so that you can even integrate Spectrum technology with hundreds of other products from a host of different vendors. Based on a modular concept, where each product consists of a main card and plug-on mezzanine boards, it’s also easy for Spectrum to customize a product to better match your requirements. If you can’t find the product you need on this website then let us know your mandatory specifications and we will be happy to investigate the possibility of making a customized product just for you!