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From embedded applications in industrial manufacturing and measurement science to advanced research in aerospace, defence and physics.

Modular digitizers are typically small compact devices that allow the capture and conversion of analog electronic signals into digital data. The data can then be stored in on-board memory or transferred to a PC.
Have you ever been challenged to take multiple measurements in a short period of time? In this article we will discuss the key features of the digitizerNETBOX, an LXI digitizer instrument, and demonstrate how it can make real world measurements on an air compressor.
Although modular digitizers can be considered computer hardware they require suitable firmware and software in order to be integrated into the host computer system.
Measuring the performance of CPU based avionic and automotive systems is critical to their development and evolution. PC-based verification tools rely on measurement data collected from such embedded targets.
Digitizers are used to convert electrical signals into a series of measurements that are then output as a numerical array of amplitude values versus time.