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32xx 12 Bit Digitizers 500 MS/s | Spectrum

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More than 10 ENOB at 500 MS/s
Versions with 250 MS/s and 500 MS/s
1 or 2 channel versions available
256 MSample memory up to 2 GSample
6 input ranges between +/-200 mV and +/-10 V
Powerful memory segmentation modes
Streaming mode
Multiple cards can be synchronized


The 32xx series offers best 12 bit performance when needing higher sampling rates. The 500 MS/s version has a full signal bandwidth of 250 MHz. A powerful amplifier with two different signal paths and 6 input ranges and a selectable de-noise filter allow to adopt to nearly every signal that is available.

Using the 2 channel 250 MS/s version one can set up cost effective systems with up to 16 synchronous 12 bit channels with 250 MS/s.

Alternative Products

Other high speed high resolution digitizers with either higher ADC resolution or higher sampling speed are available from Spectrum:

  • 21xx series: 8 bit digitizer up to 1 GS/s
  • 41xx series: 14 bit digitizer up to 400 MS/s
  • 48xx series: 16 bit digitizer up to 180 MS/S

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