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Spectrum Remote Server | Spectrum

Spectrum Remote Server Software Package

Using the Spectrum Remote Server it is possible to access the M2p/M2i/M3i/M4i/M4x card(s) installed in one PC (server) from another PC (client) via local area network (LAN), similar to using a digitizerNETBOX. The remote server option has to be activated by software license in any of the Spectrum cards in the remote system to operate it.

It is possible to use different operating systems on both server and client. For example the Remote Server is running on a Linux system and the client is accessing them from a Windows system.


  • Turn your system into a remote controlled instrument
  • Server software for Windows and Linux
  • Remote Control
  • Control Center Discovery Function (Get IP address)
  • Software Access to instrument: SBench 6, LabVIEW, MATLAB, C++, .NET, IVI (Digitizer only)
  • Card maintenance and update
  • Local Control
  • Direct access to cards
  • Updates of remote server software

Comparison with digitizerNETBOX

Remote System versus digitizerNETBOXThe Remote Server Package gives access to the internal server of the digitizerNETBOX and allows to set up similar systems with own system hardware.

This gives the chance to use any combination of Spectrum hardware in a PC system matching your exact needs and still using the comfortable remote LAN access to the Spectrum hardware that was first introduced with the digitizerNETBOX.

The following table shows the differences between the two solutions:

Topic digitizerNETBOX Remote server software
Find IP address Using Spectrum Control Center discovery function Using Spectrum Control Center discovery function
Remote programming Through Spectrum driver using the VISA address Through Spectrum Driver using the VISA address
SBench 6 license Professional license included in every digitizerNETBOX Base license included in every card.
Professional license to be purchased separately
Webserver LXI conformant webserver included None
Maintenance and updates Through webserver With local PC access only
Local programming Option Embedded Server Full local access