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Spectrum Control Center | Spectrum

Screenshot auf Spectrum Control CenterThe Spectrum Card Control Center is available for Windows and Linux as a stand-alone application and add-on for the drivers. This powerful tool is delivered with the cards and groups together all hardware maintenance functions:

  • Hardware information: Shows detailed information about the Spectrum hardware: type of card, serial number, the production and calibration date, versions and all features of the hardware
  • Installation of demo cards: A demo card is simulated by the Spectrum driver including data generation for acquisition cards allowing all software to be tested including SBench, own applications and drivers for third-party products like LabVIEW.
  • Debug logging: The setup of the card, driver and firmware version, all command sequences and other information can be logged to an ASCII file and can then be used for support cases.
  • Features and Software license: SBench 6 software licenses as well as all optional features of the M2i/M3i/M4i cards, that do not require any hardware modifications, can be installed on fielded cards.
  • Firmware upgrade: Install new firmware versions with enhanced functionality and bug fixes
  • Calibration: The card control center also provides an easy way to access the automatic card calibration routines of the Spectrum A/D converter cards.
  • Memory test: The complete on-board memory of the Spectrum cards is tested with randomized data for proper functionality. Any read or write errors are documented.
  • Transfer speed test: Measures the bus transfer speed of an installed Spectrum card in the specific system. This gives you a performance index of the system and shows which sustained data rates can be reached.
  • Continuous memory: Setup of the desired continuous memory buffer for the next system start.