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spcm drivers Version 5.25 build 17926 21th April 2021 | Spectrum

New File Versions

  • Library - DLL V5.25
  • M4i Linux Kernel - V2.17
  • M4i Kernel Windows - V5.07
  • M2i Linux Kernel - V1.65
  • Control Center - V2.25

New Features

  • [SPCMDRV-2852] Support for M2p.75xx
  • [SPCMDRV-2913] Support for M2p.75xx
  • [SPCMDRV-2896] Make it obvious in Control Center that card booted the Golden Image
  • [SPCMDRV-2897] Netbox now answers first part of Discovery request even if no card is found
  • [SPCMDRV-2905] Make kernel driver build scripts for customer ARCH linux friendly
  • [SPCMDRV-2909] Control Center firmware update does now inform M2p users about necessary power cycle

Fixed Bugs

  • [SPCMDRV-2898] Selecting first entry in demo card list can cause crash
  • [SPCMDRV-2902] Linux: M4x is reported as M4i in /proc/spcm4_cards
  • [SPCMDRV-2903] M4i.77xx Effekt of external clock sample edge selection (SPCM_RISING_EDGE or SPCM_FALLING_EDGE) is inverted
  • [SPCMDRV-2904] FIFO replay with fixed length generates only a short pulse
  • [SPCMDRV-2912] M2p sync with different SR and 591x series card in compound: wrong SR calculation if the SH-carier has not the fastest SR