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spcm drivers Version 5.23 build 17678 21st January 2021 | Spectrum

New File Versions

  • Library - DLL V5.23
  • M4i Linux Kernel - V2.15
  • M2i Linux Kernel - V1.63
  • Control Center - V2.23

New Features

  • [SPCMDRV-2707] Examples with Timestamp and M2p digital inputs
  • [SPCMDRV-2823] Print serial number of card to log if "temperature too high" error occurs
  • [SPCMDRV-2824] Move reservation of DMA-mapping-memory to moment of STARTDMA
  • [SPCMDRV-2825] Add example for sequence replay mode in python
  • [SPCMDRV-2833] Print correct Win10 version for 20H2
  • [SPCMDRV-2846] Add card serial number at "Timeout warning 263".
  • [SPCMDRV-2850] Let calibration of demo cards finish without error

Fixed Bugs

  • [SPCMDRV-1278] M4i.22xx demo card + average feature produces "feature not installed" error using SPC_REC_STD_AVERAGE_16BIT mode
  • [SPCMDRV-2662] Log entry for SPC_SAMPLERATE with 2.5 GS/s shows negative values
  • [SPCMDRV-2743] M2p: Rarely wrong temperature and PLL lock status reads
  • [SPCMDRV-2755] SPC_CHANNELMUXINFO for M2p.5968 is wrong
  • [SPCMDRV-2821] Driver generates EXTRA_BLOCKREADY even if no data is left
  • [SPCMDRV-2829] Linux compilation errors with kernel 5.9
  • [SPCMDRV-2832] Complex examples do not respect differences in paths when reading available features and input ranges
  • [SPCMDRV-2835] Two demo Netboxes are displayed under one node
  • [SPCMDRV-2838] Link to 64bit SBench6 deb package is wrong
  • [SPCMDRV-2840] PCI resource address might be truncated
  • [SPCMDRV-2843] Linux on ARM64 logs its architecture as Intel/AMD
  • [SPCMDRV-2848] Hostname missing from title bar
  • [SPCMDRV-2849] Minimum and step size for averaging modes (16bit and 32bit) are wrong
  • [SPCMDRV-2853] 50 Ohm setting not available from "AI channel" dialog, but works fine in "Input channels"
  • [SPCMDRV-2854] DMA transfer from Netbox stops after a few minutes to a few hours
  • [SPCMDRV-2855] Default stop level for DA cards is SPCM_STOPLVL_TRISTATE which is not supported