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spcm drivers Version 3.23 build 12786 26th September 2016 | Spectrum

New File Versions

  • Library - DLL V3.23
  • Control Center V1.67
  • M2i Kernel - Linux V1.45
  • M4i Kernel - Windows V1.03
  • M4i Kernel - Linux V1.14

New Features

  • [SPCMDRV-1357] Support for M4x card series
  • [SPCMDRV-1372] Support of DN6 series
  • [SPCMDRV-1563] Implement User-Offset for M4i.44xx
  • [SPCMDRV-1580] Add support for digital output option for X0..X2 lines for M4i.66xx series
  • [SPCMDRV-1588] Add M4x.22xx to driver
  • [SPCMDRV-1589] Add M4x.66xx to driver
  • [SPCMDRV-1591] Support for M4x.22xx and M4x.66xx
  • [SPCMDRV-1594] Add DN6 to IVI driver
  • [SPCMDRV-1606] Add support for "System Clock" output on Multi Purpose I/O lines for M4i/M4x 22xx, 44xx and 66xx cards and NETBOX products
  • [SPCMDRV-127] Linux: Deliver pre-complied kernel modules packed as rpm/deb
  • [SPCMDRV-1143] Avoid automatic suspend / power down
  • [SPCMDRV-1235] LXI webserver Embedded Option: show current status of autostart feature
  • [SPCMDRV-1523] Possibility to read temperature-values with different unit as Kelvin.
  • [SPCMDRV-1527] Control Center:Group synced cards in Control Center under one node
  • [SPCMDRV-1536] Control Center:Reload netbox status page automatically
  • [SPCMDRV-1537] Control Center:DN6: display fan speed and case temperature
  • [SPCMDRV-1544] Control Center: Expand/collapse a node and its children using context menu
  • [SPCMDRV-1546] Control Center: Merge tabs "Versions" and "About"
  • [SPCMDRV-1568] DASYLab compatibility: Allow multiple buffers in netbox fifo
  • [SPCMDRV-1581] Add support for improved timing accuracy of trigger and armed output of X0, X1, X2 lines
  • [SPCMDRV-1590] Firmware update for M4x cards
  • [SPCMDRV-1596] 44xx: Allow calibration of input ranges above 30V

Fixed Bugs

  • [SPCMDRV-1458] Canceling Loop-Reading of Monitor (M4i cards, temperature and voltage reading) can crash Control Center
  • [SPCMDRV-1508] MATLAB: spcMInitCardByIdx.m not working with digital cards
  • [SPCMDRV-1526] Wrong clock coupling for ExtClk1 on 77xx demo cards
  • [SPCMDRV-1534] Error "unknown register: 31690" from LabVIEW AnalogScope example using an M4i.4451
  • [SPCMDRV-1547] Available channel trigger modes for M4i.77xx cards still contained some A/D card trigger capabilities
  • [SPCMDRV-1552] 44xx: sync, 1 or 2 ch active, ckRef = 10 MHz and SR <= 125: sample misalignment after every start possible
  • [SPCMDRV-1554] 44xx: an active specialclock-mode not every time restored after reset
  • [SPCMDRV-1566] WRITESETUP disables active clock output
  • [SPCMDRV-1576] Configuration for third channel in IVI Digitizer causes error
  • [SPCMDRV-1579] Allow SPCM_XMODE_CONTOUTMARK only for replay cards
  • [SPCMDRV-1585] Analog display incorrect when using digital inputs with software simulated M4i/M4x 441x demo cards
  • [SPCMDRV-1587] Incomplete error handling in python examples
  • [SPCMDRV-1598] Installation problems under Fedora
  • [SPCMDRV-1615] Cannot compile kernel driver module on Fedora 24