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spcm drivers Version 3.15 build 10796 4th June 2015 | Spectrum

New File Versions

  • Library - DLL V3.15
  • Control Center V1.60
  • M2i Kernel Linux V1.42
  • M2i Kernel Windows V1.41
  • M4i Kernel Linux V1.10

New Features

  • [SPCMDRV-936] Example: M4i Average example: timestamps are printed but only one per segment
  • [SPCMDRV-1027] Control Center: Display current written device in Firmware Update dialog
  • [SPCMDRV-1074] Enhance CKernelHandleLinux & LAN::dwKernelReadStatus for the new dwReducedOutputBuf_B parameter.
  • [SPCMDRV-1085] Example: rep_sequence example has unused pvBuffer variable in main function.
  • [SPCMDRV-1089] Control Center: Add file size of HDD transfer speed test to output window
  • [SPCMDRV-1092] Control Center: Rename Discovery to clarify that it is only for Netboxes in LAN
  • [SPCMDRV-1084] Linux Kernel: Support for Debian 8 "Jessie"
  • [SPCMDRV-1100] Linux Kernel: Add support for Fedora 22

Fixed Bugs

  • [SPCMDRV-613] M2i.70xx: demo data calculation reworked
  • [SPCMDRV-994] Windows Kernel: Bluescreen when shutting down Windows having two M2i or two M3i Express cards installed
  • [SPCMDRV-1035] demo output boards: status at mode SPC_REP_STD_CONTINUOUS reaches M2STAT_CARD_READY
  • [SPCMDRV-1050] Example rec_std_multi crashes at 8 bit boards.
  • [SPCMDRV-1055] Reading SPC_DIFF0 causes error
  • [SPCMDRV-1056] AvailUserLen is wrong for 6xxx if DMA is not started but SET_AVAIL card is called
  • [SPCMDRV-1061] 22xx: every second sample are wrong depending on ch-enable combination and Sampel rate
  • [SPCMDRV-1063] Samplerates not always correctly corrected
  • [SPCMDRV-1065] SPCM_M2CMD_WAITPREFULL does not wait if trigger is enabled at card start
  • [SPCMDRV-1086] Trigger AND/OR conjunctions between Ext0 and Ext1 external triggers not properly working when no channel trigger is involved
  • [SPCMDRV-1091] Add Demo card may generate invalid card type depedning on dialog actions
  • [SPCMDRV-1096] M2i: CardWaitReady doesn't return after a PC standby, but recording with polling is ok
  • [SPCMDRV-1112] Rearm hysteresis trigger does not respect rearm level at start